Yangtze Energy Technologies, Inc. specializes in production of key components of fuel cell-Membrane Electrode Assembly, MEA. Our mission is to cooperate with worldwide partners therefore to access development of global fuel cell industry. Our core technologies include (1) Material analysis and assessment (2) Catalyst formulation (3) Coating and forming technologies. With advanced technologies, we provide high  performance 3-layer MEA, 5-layer MEA, CCM and GDE.

       To access the development of fuel cell industry, Yangtze employs the most advanced direct-coating technology to manufacture MEAs with high performance and durability. Moreover, with certification of ISO 9001:2015, we deliver high quality products.

About us

Established in 2010, Yangtze is a professional fuel cell MEA manufacturer. We serve fuel cell industries with high quality customized production. Together we push forward the development of Hydrogen society. 

Yangtze Energy Technologies, Inc.

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