Performance of Yangtze MEA can reach 1W/cm² at ambient pressure;

and 1.6 W/cm² at pressurized conditions. 

The MEA is durable; it decay rate is 6μV/hr based on 2,500 hrs test. 

PEMFC-MEA has wide range of applications from

transportation, back-up power, to drones…etc.

We offer customized MEA products.


Membrane Electrode Assembly, MEA 

We provide standard and customized PEMFC-MEA

with 3-layer or 5-layer. Besides, we also provide DMFC-MEA.

CCM Roll 

We provide customized CCM Roll.

Gas Diffusion Electrode, GDE

We provide customized GDE.

We offer customized products according to your need. Please contact us,  we will serve you at our best. 

About us

Established in 2010, Yangtze is a professional fuel cell MEA manufacturer. We serve fuel cell industries with high quality customized production. Together we push forward the development of Hydrogen society. 

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